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From modest beginnings in Thailand in 1987, Siam Canadian started off as a small trading company specializing in food products. …

Siam Canadian was founded in 1987 on the principal of building a dynamic business by working hand in hand in close partnership …

8 Offices strategically located across 6 Asian countries for maximum local exposure and product control. Plus our International Trading Division …

Siam Canadian currently maintains offices across 6 countries and additionally procures product from around the world…

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Siam Canadian also owes its new spot to a recovery in earnings, after its 2013 top line had taken a beating from the early mortality syndrome epidemic which ravaged shrimp crops in Asia. The Thailand-based exporter boosted revenues by 18%, to $320m, landing on 92nd place.


The 20th Anniversary China Fisheries & Seafood Expo will fill eight halls of the new Qingdao International Expo Center. The show is an excellent opportunity to develop the profitable business contacts that your company will need to meet suppliers and grow your business with the global seafood industry.

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Shrimp farmers across India's main production regions have been unwilling to stock their ponds at densities they have been, or to leave shrimp in the water to grow to the larger sizes, after weak prices earlier in 2015. As a result harvests now are growing quite short.


Europe's shrimp demand to remain low for the first half of 2016 : November 23, 2015...